Spirit Houses: Traditional Ritual Belief, Evolution, Business And Sustainable Tourism in Thailand and Bali


  • Thanakorn Choosukhserm Phrakru Sutheejariyawat
  • Made Sri Putri Purnamawati Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar


Spirit Houses, Traditional Ritual Belief, Evolution, Business, Sustainable Tourism


This academic article focuses on study the complicated interaction between traditional ritual belief surrounding spirit houses and the development of sustainable tourism in the Southeast Asian regions of Thailand and Bali. It is a qualitative research approach involving a survey of data collection from the books, research, articles, observations, other relevant sources on the history and cultural significance of spirit houses in both Thailand and Bali, and document analysis. This paper seeks into the cultural, religious, and historical significance of spirit houses, exploring their role in traditional rituals and their impact on local communities, investigates the integration of spirit houses into sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities for preserving cultural heritage while promoting responsible tourism development. When comparing the practices and perceptions in both regions, this study aims: 1) to provide insights into the complex relationship between spiritual traditions, sustainable tourism, and 2) the preservation of cultural identity in the context of contemporary Southeast Asian society.