• ICOHIS 2022

    Ramayana: Its Spread and Contribution to World Civilization

    Like a river, Ramayana has spread to various parts of the world since thousands of years ago. This long journey was able to elevate many civilizations in the various regions it passed. Ramayana became the main inspiration in the history of world civilizations. Various works of art including dance, drama, painting, sculpture, literature, reliefs and others use the Ramayana as the main source of inspiration. Even the construction of temples in the past, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and hundreds of other temples, Prambanan in Central Java and dozens of other temples display sculptures originating from the Ramayana story. Various literary works were born with the Ramayana as the background. Currently, Ramayana is still an important icon in various traditional dances in various countries, especially in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

    Not only in the context of works of art, literature and architecture, Ramayana also has a direct impact on people's mindsets. Ramayana's values ​​about life also penetrate human consciousness. They live based on these values. Life practices such as compassion, mutual help, heroism, and the like are characters that are formed from the influence of these values. It can be said that the high level of civility that exists goes hand in hand with a lifestyle inspired by the values ​​of the Ramayana. It is hoped that the noble values ​​of this heritage must become the foundation of life for the world community in the future. Knowing about its spread and its contribution to world civilization is very important in this baton. Future generations must know the Ramayana according to its context, so that a prosperous and harmonious life can be realized.

    Era 4.0 has fundamentally changed the way of life of the world community. This change certainly had a direct impact on changing the mindset. The noble values ​​of Ramayana that have flowed since ancient times are expected to continue to flow to this generation, so that the process of transfer and transformation requires a paradigm shift. On this basis, the International Conference on Ramayana was held. The themes of the 1st Annual International Conference on Hindu Studies are: “Ramayana: Its Spread and Contribution to World Civilization”. The objectives of this conference are: Exploring the map of the spread of Rayamana around the world; Exploring the contribution of Ramayana values ​​in various fields of life; Knowing the teachings of the Ramayana which is used as a reference in people's lives; and recognizing the patterns of learning about Ramayana in the 4.0 era and their impact on religious moderation. The output of this International Conference is a comprehensive knowledge about the chronology of the spread of Ramayana and its values for the development of world civilization which is formatted into an international proceeding.